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Red Bull Music Academy presents
(Noyes / CA)
17 June | SonarDôme | 20:00

Doom machine

After leaving his hometown in Nova Scotia for Montreal’s thriving bass music scene, this accomplished bassist, avid jazz fan and notebook collector now ranks among those who’re currently redefining the rules of hip hop, post-punk and live electronics. Holding things down as a regular performer at the city’s infamous night, while honing his production skills with Ninja Tune’s Sixtoo, he’s also working on the new album by female MC Sontiago and putting the finishing touches to his next solo effort for Canadian indie label Noyes Records. Expect synth-based rap beats around improvised soul vocals.

Sexy Can I (Remix)

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Thursday 17 | Sonar by Day | SonarDôme
Red Bull Music Academy presents

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