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Sónar on Montjuïc de Nit
Sónar 2010 | 28.06.2010

Sonar will be present at the Montjuïc by Night event, the Barcelona festivals night organised by ICUB for this Saturday 3rd July.


The festival comprises of a stage set up in the Avenida Maria Cristina and presents performances by Bradien, Bruna, The Requesters, Guillamino, Chacho Brodas and Angel Molina. 


This Saturday 3rd July, from 8pm until 2am the Montjuïc by Night event will be held, bringing together for one night only all the major Barcelona festivals. Free entrance.


Sonar is in charge of the programming of one of 13 stages at Montjuïc by Night situated in Avenida Maria Cristina, with performances from the following artists:


20.00-20.45 / Bradien 

Balbini, Pope and Matías Rossi have been working together since 2005 under the guise of Bradien, a not so usual group that are as much about pop as they are about contemporary sound collage. Superimposing all classes of musical references (exotic ambient reminiscent of Arthur Lyman, all time film soundtracks, touches of folk and hints of dub) the Barcelona group break down their own notions of pop in a twisted origami exercise that in 2009 won over the spa.RK catalogue with their charming ‘Linden’ LP. 


20.45-21.30 / bRUNA 

Resident at Sonar since 2006, bRUNA has overcome the ‘newcomer’ phase and become the prime example and name of reference on the Spanish scene. With his work published on the labels spa.RK, Softstar Records, Paradigma Musik and Natura Sonoris (amongst others), Carles Guajardo’s sound palette, full of emotive and vibrant electronica, light up the scene with contagious melodies.


21.30-22.15 / Guillamino 

Although he himself assures us that his productions are 50% hip-hop beats and 50% classic songs, the versatillity of Pau Guillamet (Guillamino) goes much further than this simple equation. His music, always restless and explorative, never ceases to contaminate his audience with his latest musical findings from the net or from his trips abroad. What’s more, he’s a student of the Sardana, a solid defender of the electronic as a work tool and an tireless composer open to all class of collaboration. On this occasion he will be presenting tracks from his new work  “Whip Gymnastix”. 


22.15-23.00 / Chacho Brodas 

After a debut that left everybody talking in it’s moment, Chacho Brodas – project captined by the producer DJ Griffi, ex of Sólo los Solo- has returned this year with their second work  “Date Cuenta”, that has revolutionised the World of hip-hop with a fururistic sound that during moments gets close to electro, dubstep and even Jazz. Along with Griffi, three vocalists from the Del Palo factory sum up the party Chacho Brodas: Aqeel, Tremendo y MBaka, with always posible appearences by the mysterious pianist Nik Codina and the Danish singer Anqui. Hip hop of the future to be enjoyed right now.


23.00-00.00 / The Requesters 

The Requesters bring together two young men yet experienced producers from the city: Sidechains, admired above all for a collection of irrestistible remixes, and D.A.R.Y.L., experimented resident of the Loft and key name on the Barcelona club circuit. Together they raise the roof of the power of pop, the 80’s club culture, and the hedonistic possibilities of house and electro. In the hope that their first work has confirms the possibilities that awaken the project, they have shown that live they also have the ease of putting together some great hymns directly on the dance floor.  


00.00-02.00 / Angel Molina 

Since his beginnings as a Dj in 1991, Angel Molina has placed an important part in the development of the electronic scene in Spain thanks to his incredible technical abilities applauded by both critics and public alike, and to his exquisite taste which makes him unarguably one of the finest DJ selectors of techno in all of Europe. Versatile and flexible like very few others, Angel knows best how to jump from the best techno to the richest house, without outdoing the most hypnotic and dark of pop and electronica.



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