Chicks On Speed


The "E-shoe" by Chicks on Speed is the world’s first wireless, high heeled shoe guitar, made in collaboration with Siberian born shoe-designer Max Kibardin, Alex Posada/Bartosz Zygmunt/M. A. de Heras, Shoe Jewellery by Marc Monzó and sounds made with Boris Garcia Godas and Photo by Gilmar Ribeiro.

The e-shoe is capable of triggering sounds wirelessly using midi. This shoe is part of Chicks on Speed´s ever growing collection of self made "Objekt Instruments” including cigar box synthesizers, super suits’ with sewn-in body sensors that trigger audio/video samples, a Theremin tapestry and two hats made in collaboration with Christophe Coppins and Diego Del Lion & Jano, based on illuminated drawings of Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th-century Christian mystic who received visions, composed ethereal airs, performed healing and even founded convents.

Chicks on Speed is an ever-changing multidisciplinary art group who apply punk-inspired DIY ethic to interrogate the boundaries of art, craft, fashion, music and new media. Known globally for their melting-pot-style – encompassing electro-clash music, performance art, a record label, collage graphics, painting and DIY fashion. Chick’s on Speed’s practice is chaotic and firmly against sedative art. With their tongues firmly in their cheeks, they are happy to court controversy. Chicks on Speed core members: Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie. In collaboration with Marc Monzó.