Ricardo Iglesias

Surveillance Cameras: they are alive!!!

The ongoing proliferation of security cameras has created an international "paranoia" of everyday insecurity, in what could be called the surveillance society. The project involves the creation of a series of "living" robotic cameras that follow people. The cameras record visitors, projecting them in situ and on the Internet. Two autonomous robots with surveillance cameras send information to a computer which is shown on projection screens in the venue itself, and on the Internet. Each robot and each person is subject to real and independent monitoring, which creates a specific situation involving personalised surveillance.

Ricardo Iglesias is a graduate from the Faculty of Humanities of the Autonomous University of Madrid and has continued his studies in the digital art world. He currently teaches about interactive systems at the Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Barcelona), where he is working on his doctoral thesis. His work focuses on researching and applying new technologies to the field of art in reactive installations, with robotic elements, video, sound, web systems…

This project has been granted by Ayudas a la creación contemporánea. Matadero2008. KREA Expresión Contemporánea. Caja Vital Kutxa. FONS09. Consell Nacional de la Cultura i les Arts.